Friday, 30 March 2012

Mrs Spooner

I'm easily amused (as you can probably tell from this blog).

So in the car on the way to work, one of the girls was chatting away. I was half-listening as she was describing some big man she'd seen, but then my ears pricked up.

"Shit brickhouse... sorry, did you say he was built like a shit brickhouse?"

"Yeah, he was massive," she responded.

I sat laughing in the back before realising no-one else had picked up on this, then had to spend the next fifteen minutes sniggering into my hand.

My life is fully of hilarity. (And sarcasm. Plenty of sarcasm).

Br*ck Sh*thouse

Sh*t Br*ckhouse.
Not sure why I bleeped the fucking swearing.

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