Sunday, 6 May 2012

In Honour Of The Local Elections

Me: "I tried booking an appointment for tomorrow, but the lady works for a council so she's really busy as it's local elections."

Girl: "Oh, I didn't realise that was tomorrow. Are the Conservatories still in power?"

(A few minutes passed while another lady and myself made jokes about the Conservatives being quite rigid, possibly corrugated, and they get really really hot in summer time. Then:)

Girl: "Who were the ones that used to be in power... the Lib Dems?"

Me: "Er, they're still in power now? They're in a coalition with the Conservatives."

Girl: "Oh no, I meant the ones who were in for ages and ages."

Me: "Labour?"

Girl: "Yeah, that's them."

Probably just as well that voter turnout was quite low.

*   *   *   *

Lady: "I'm doing a quiz where all the answers are creatures. The clue is 'off balance'."

Me: "It's hard trying to think of a word, then an animal it sounds like. Unsteady? Wavering?"

Lady: "Wobble? I suppose it sounds a bit like Womble, haha!"

Girl: "It could be that one, because Wombles are wild animals, they live in Australia."

Me: "Firstly, they tend to roam Wimbledon Common, secondly THEY'RE NOT REAL!"


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