Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Still Learning Norwegian (Slowly)

I've had my Learn Norwegian In Three Months book for over ten years.

I am currently on page 24.

In the mornings before work, I like to spend 15 minutes reading the book and attempting the exercises. Apparently I'm one of those boring people who actually enjoys learning things for no real reason other than I like learning things, much to the amusement of everyone I work with.

My favourite word of the moment is 'ekorn'. It means 'squirrel' but look! it looks like 'acorn'! Isn't that amazing!

I have put together all my wisdom and come up with the sentence
'Jeg er et lite ekorn'
which (hopefully) means ' I am a little squirrel.'

The issue I have with my book is that it doesn't appear to start with anything too useful. Like I remember as a child, we had these amazing illustrated dictionaries to help you learn objects in various environments. I didn't instantly go in learning how to pluralise verbs or do a series of tasks where no-one tells you that particular adjective is highly irregular, and having to guess whether something is common gender or neuter.

I haven't learnt much this week... landlady is selling the flat at short notice, I need to find somewhere and get out, boyfriend is doing navy stuff and is currently non-contactable, let alone in the correct county and available for house viewings. As a result I've been burrowing into an old favourite (Bill Bryson - The Lost Continent') in an attempt to de-stress. It's not really working so I might pick up the norsk again tomorrow and hopefully occupy the braincells.

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