Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Seat Move Bears Fruit

Yes, verbal fruit. We've had some desk moves at work and I have been put next to a lady who, happily for all of us, is delightful but often says the silly things.

Today alone, we had:

Lady: "Asian flu, is it spelt like that - A-V-I-A-N?"
Me: "Avian flu. That’s bird flu."
Lady: "Oh.

Someone Else: "If you're doing that test, you can take your phone off."
Lady: "I thought you said 'take your clothes off'!"
Someone Else: "I do get more things done when I'm naked."

Lady: "What side are your kidneys on, your left or your right?"
Me: "There's one on each side, so in answer to your question, yes.
You have two, that’s why if you get a match and have an organ transplant, the other person’s still ok because they’ve got one working one."
Lady: "I knew that you couldn’t live without it, but I thought you only had one."

I look forward to tomorrow.

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