Monday, 22 April 2013

New Girl - Part 2

Me: "My sister's in Bali at the moment."

Her: "Where's that?"

Me: "Bali and Lombok are islands in Indonesia, so a bit up from Australia."

Her: "What's it like there?"

Me: "White sandy beaches, blue seas, that kind of thing."

Her: "I just tried googling Barley and I got a picture of some wheat."

Me: "It's spelt B - A - L - I."

Her: "I'm not very good at geography. (Addresses a guy:) Do you remember when you said Spain was in Europe, and I said where are we, and you said Europe, and I was like how can we be in the same place as Spain?"

Everyone: "Europe's a continent, like Australasia or Africa."

Her: "Africa's one country isn't it?"

Welcome to Barley! Please remove your shoes.

Him: *spins round in his chair on his way to the bin*

Her: "You startled me! Can you not move so erotically?"

Him: "What?!"

Everyone: "Did you mean 'erratically'?"

Her, slightly panicked: "What does it mean...? Oh my God!"

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